I love the way in which Italians often throw out the word “Normale,” as in, that’s the way it’s done.  It also carries the feeling of “No need to make a big production out of it,”  as well as the undertone of “just relax, it’s happening; no big deal.”


In one of my favorite movies, Under the Tuscan Sun, the American author who is just getting to know Italy is initially surprised and thrown off by the informality of selling a piece of property and home.  They don’t insist that every legal document be signed and sealed and all cash transferred before they hand her the keys to her new home.


Having worked as a corporate lawyer for a big firm, I’m very familiar with the necessity of documents being perfect and every possible eventuality accounted for and protected against.  Because I’m naturally much more of an optimist, the idea of always anticipating the worst didn’t sit well with me but I understood why it needed to happen in that world.


What is beginning to strike me as the energy in our world is moving more quickly and we are receiving so much more help and support from the Universe, Source, and our invisible helpers is that lots of “little things” are becoming easier.  Please notice that I’m wording that in a way that suggests that I expect it to continue.  And, I do.  My intention is to consider this quick manifestation stuff as Normale!


I referred to the easy manifestations as “little things” but I actually view them as significant, hugely significant, and I hope you can embrace this view.  We know that the energy that manifests the things we want is always the same energy, whether it’s creating money, relationships, jobs, more ease in our lives, or “little things.”


So, these very cool manifestations from “out of the blue” can seem small or not really noteworthy but I know they’re not.   They’re vibrational indicators of the best kind.


I recently received some homemade strawberry jelly from a neighbor as a thank you.  It was delicious.  I had kind of forgotten that I really love preserves!  As I was finishing the jar, I thought, “what would be great is to have some peach preserves; they’re my favorite. I’m going to pick some up the next time I go to the store.” That never happened because a neighbor dropped off peach preserves the next day from out of the blue.


I had been fondly remembering great dinners at an amazing restaurant near where I lived with my family long ago.  It was nearly impossible to get a reservation on the same day.  There were four things I particularly liked there and was thinking how nice it would be to have them again.  It’s been years!  From “out of the blue” my amazing friend invited me to visit for the weekend and asked if I’d like to go to that restaurant.  Yep, that happened.  And, the four things I had remembered as so delicious were still on the menu and I found myself having just what I had imagined, including the chocolate souffle!


I also was just thinking I was nearly out of shampoo and didn’t love the one I’ve been using.  The water here is from a well and pretty quirky and I was thinking that I should ask my friend when he next cut my hair if he had a recommendation.  The next day, yep, I went in for my hair appointment and there was a new shampoo and conditioner on the counter where you check-in.  It was specifically designed for people with that type of water! And, it turned out to be great.


Oh, and after two very long car trips, I realized that I really needed a holder for my iPhone.  Looking down while you’re driving at high speed to check the GPS isn’t a good move.  I had received one that didn’t fit my car long ago and this weekend, from out of the blue, my friend’s husband ordered one for me on the spot.  It fits perfectly!  I didn’t know what I was missing.


I was thinking “I could get used to this,” but I’d like to make the decision now that this is NORMALE and begin to expect things to happen easily and in perfect timing.


When we realize that it’s the same energy that creates peach preserves or an abundant bank account, it’s clear that a new view of what’s normal or expected is in order for all of us.  When we begin to expect ease, the Universe will respond with “Here you go. Here’s another thing happening easily for you.”


I always suggest that my coaching clients create an Evidence List of things that are worthy of appreciation and continue to add to the list as often as possible.  It’s a great way not only to raise your vibration but also to create the feeling that lots of things really are working out for you.  And, that’s the very best vibe for creating a life you love.

Could this be your new NORMALE?






If you’d like any support with lining up your vibration to begin to create more ease in your life, I’m happy to help.  You can reach me at susan@howtoallow.net

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