Recently, when I’ve been doing my Daily Tools from “How to Allow,” or just focusing on something that I’m creating, or should say, have already created and am allowing in, I’ve found myself asking the question, so “Now what Universe?” How are you going to surprise me and thrill me today? I can’t wait to see how this gets delivered, how this happens, how that comes about. And, it’s a fun way to open things up, to raise my expectations and remind myself that Well-being does dominate and the Universe will deliver if I only allow my vibration to hit that sweet spot.

As I was reading on the Internet and looking for inspiration, I found a very cool AH discussion of that exact question, “Now What Universe?” They actually described it as the “best focusing question ever,” because Now is where all of your power is.      images

I like this a great deal because it is a reminder to make peace with where we are, to have no regrets about the contrast we’ve experienced in the past, or maybe very recently, which brought us to this moment in time where all of our power lies. There are really two things about this making peace part, which I believe are super important in the quest to be better at Allowing all that you can possibly want. First, if we view the past contrast as darkness, which it may have felt like, it is that darkness that created your desire for light, for improved conditions. There is no growth, no expansion, without something to propel us forward. Accepting this view of contrast can make it just so much easier to give ourselves the break we need, to ease up on ourselves for mistakes we may have made, and to forgive others who may have been the cause of the contrast, in our view. And second, without making peace with where we are, our vibration is going to be mixed with regrets, blame and guilt, which won’t allow us to be a vibrational match to those good things we’ve created.

I also like this view of “Now What Universe?” because it also reminds us to remove our focus from the current reality we have created, based on our old vibration, and focus forward with a positive expectation on what could be around the corner. And, it demands that we focus on this all powerful moment of right now, where everything is really happening. No matter where we’ve been, our decision as to how we’ll focus right now, dictates the details of our life, the circumstances we are creating. So stopping and asking, “What Now?” brings us to a pretty good place

It begs the question of, “Now what will be my experience in response to what I’ve established right now?” If the answer is,“not so great” or “not so much” or “more of the same,” it’s a wake-up call. It’s a reminder that you need to remind yourself that you have control over the answer to “Now What Universe?” AH

If your answer to the question of what will be my experience in response to what I’ve established right now with my vibration is not to your liking, you should realize that you have control over “Now What?” because you have control over your response. You have the ability to step back from it or get closer. You have the ability to talk about it and keep it going or you have the ability to not talk about it and slow it down. You have the ability to think about it and keep it going, or not think about it and slow it down. You have the ability to increase your momentum or slow it down. AH And, it’s all based on the “what” you’re doing and feeling vibrationally. Whatever may have occurred in the past, our future should be continually becoming better than it is now.

That contrast that we often complain about, to put it mildly, is continually giving us the opportunity to expand our desires and expectations to more and more and more. And, that’s not a bad thing. I’m not saying I’ve learned to love contrast. I’m still working on that one;  I do, at least, understand that it’s necessary for our expansion and enlightenment. But, it doesn’t have to be crazy contrast, unless you love the drama. It can be easier. Problems can be solved before they actually become problems. We can have a much smoother ride. And, I’m all for that. When we line up our energy, it is as if a contingent of helpers is out in front of us on our path paving the way for us. So, when we ask “Now what Universe?,” we can anticipate how the Universe is going to surprise us with timing and details that are a match to the creation we’ve already made.

We can awaken in the morning and be very general about the things we want to bring into our experience, especially when it is impossible to focus on what we want specifically without also thinking about the fact that we don’t have it yet. It was suggested that we focus on the kinds of feelings we want to have in our day. For example, we can gently focus upon ease, kindness, fun, love, sureness, clarity, fullness, vitality, exhilaration, happiness, and words that are meaningful to us. We can pre-pave our day by focusing on the general feelings we want, thereby establishing a grid that must fill in with details that are a match to those feelings. So, you can think to yourself, and thereby pump up your vibration in the process, that I expect fun today, and to be kind and find kind, and I expect to feel and receive love, I expect to be clear and be with those who are . . . . AH

I expect manifestations in kind, because I understand that there is a law, to the grid-work I have accomplished. And, (I love this) tomorrow I’ll fill in the details with my memory of what happened today that matched those things. I will use every excuse in the world to shore up my vibration of love, kindness, vitality, timing, clarity, . . . because I have the ability to focus on thoughts that are meaningful to me.


And, I love the idea that as we watch the Universe support us in the work we do to line up our vibration, that we’re going to move through life radiating a signal that makes people seeing us think, “I want some of that.”  The rendezvous with everything that is necessary for us will arrive at exactly the right time. AH

We have a team of helpers, (I call mine my Dream Team), who know with precision what the next logical step for us is and will guide us to thoughts that will allow it. Somebody knows where what you want is, and knows the logical path to lead you to it, but you gotta help. You gotta chill out, you gotta like yourself more, you gotta be kinder to yourself and others, lighten up more, get outside more and breath more deeply more often. AH

I like this whole approach to starting our day with good momentum, as the question, “Now What Universe?” is light and playful, and filled with positive expectation, which can’t help but lead us to some better feeling thoughts. This approach has helped me when I’ve woken up with a chance for fresh good feeling momentum and, instead, found myself focused on problems that were mostly beyond my control.

So, this gentle focus on the feelings that I want to create, in a very general way, and feeling those feelings, is a helpful thing to have in my repertoire to get back to where I want to be as a deliberate creator.

So, remember, asking “Now what Universe, how are you going to surprise and delight me today?” can be a great jumping off point for lining up your vibration and allowing in those incredible things you’ve already created and are right there waiting for you to join them vibrationally.

So, Now What Universe?



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