It’s funny that the book and movie “The Secret,” with its great success in exposing so many people to the Law of Attraction, managed to leave out the real “Secret.”  Oh, don’t get me wrong.  I loved seeing The Secret and I appreciate the way in which it brought the idea that you create you own reality into the mainstream.  It’s had a huge positive impact on the consciousness of our society in terms of opening many people up to a new way of thinking.

What’s interesting, though, is that the Law of Attraction really has not been much of a secret when you consider the great works of virtually every religion and the writings of many leading edge thinkers through the ages.  It’s always been there, in the writings of many of our greatest spiritual teachers, although often misunderstood or misinterpreted or too much for people to grasp.  The Law of Attraction might be better compared to the Law of Gravity, always there, always consistent, unchangeable.

As the spiritual teachers Abraham have said, the Law of Attraction is “not a secret but something you can’t help but notice once you’re onto it.  The real secret is the Secret of the Art of Allowing.”

It is the art of allowing yourself to blend with your total self, the spiritual part of yourself, that broader perspective that has all the answers, which is the true Secret!  It’s the true secret to happiness and success.  It’s helpful to remember as you go about the busyness of your life that the Law of Attraction is just happening, whether you’re paying any attention to it or not.  Your real work is to pay attention to your emotions, your guidance from Infinite Intelligence, which is telling you whether you’re in alignment with Source Energy or not.  Positive emotions such as joy, optimism, hopefulness, love, and appreciation, equal alignment and negative emotions such as frustration, sadness, depression, fear, overwhelm, equal resistance.

When you’ve got resistance going on, you’re not using your full capacity, not leveraging your energy to your full benefit and, of course, it doesn’t feel as good. You’re also creating more of the things in your life that are a match to that lower level vibration.

It would be great if more people understood that Allowing their Well-Being, their connection to Infinite Intelligence, was their only job, that managing their mood and making feeling good should be their top priority.

Everything we want is already communicated to the Universe and has been delivered, sometimes better than we imagined it.  It’s just waiting for our alignment with it.  We just need to be a vibrational match to what we want before we really have it, the Catch-22 of deliberate creation.   And, then we’ll have it.  It’s that simple, yet sometimes tricky in practice.

That’s why I’ve dedicated myself to teaching How to Allow and will continue to work on my simple system for Allowing from the “How to Allow” course and e-book.  And, I’ll continue to write about issues that come up when we put in our best efforts to Allow our Well-Being.

Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to discuss how to ramp up your Allowing, creating what will seem like miracles in your life.  Check out what people are saying about How to Allow at  It shares the real “Secret.”


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