If the Law of Attraction operates automatically, whether we’re aware of it or not, and it’s all about Allowing our Well-Being by choosing better thoughts, where does faith come into the picture?

During my recent radio interview with Lisa Hayes on Blog-Talk Radio, she asked that very question; it’s one that I’ve thought about often in becoming better at Allowing my connection to Source Energy.  I’ve learned that it becomes easier and easier to Allow when you remind yourself that every one of your requests, whether you’ve voiced it formally or not, is responded to by Infinite Intelligence.  Every desire that you put out there for an improved condition, every day, is acted upon and your desire is created.  Every time.  Your vortex or vibrational escrow (as Abraham calls it), is full of all of that good stuff, the things you’ve been asking for throughout your lifetime.

So, the faith, which comes into play in the first instance, is your faith that the Universe really does respond to every one of your requests.  And, you can build this faith by proving it to yourself.  You can start small, if you want, and focus purely on a desire that you think that you can achieve, and then watch the Universe deliver it to you, maybe in an even better form than you imagined.  After the Universe keeps providing in response to your asking, you can’t help but develop an absolute faith in the reliability and consistency of the Universe.  That’s the part of the Law of Attraction that happens automatically.  It’s nothing but consistent, like the Law of Gravity.

The only thing that is sometimes is missing from the equation and which doesn’t allow you to see your creation, is that you may not have lined up your vibration to match up to your desire.  You have to feel the way you think you’ll feel when you have your desire, and then you’ll have it.  There’s no other way.

That’s where the second component of faith comes into the process, in my opinion, and which can be a bit trickier.  I’ve learned that the Universe delivers and I’ve shared story after story of its unfailing responses in “How to Allow.”  So, there’s no issue with having faith in the Universe for me.  I now know that every time I ask for something, it is created for me and it’s a great feeling to know that.  Life can be so much more joyful when you have that absolute knowing or complete faith in the Universe.

What sometimes can present a problem for me, and for others, is faith that we have the ability to change our thoughts to line up with our desires.  Oh, we know the Universe has delivered, but do we have the right stuff to maintain a pure focus on our own desire?  Can we do it?  Now, that’s the other place where faith comes into the picture in the Allowing process.

How can we develop the same level of faith in ourselves to achieve alignment with our own Well-Being that we have in the Universe?  Actually, I don’t think the process is that different.  After all, when we accept that we are a part of Source Energy, here for the experience of a joyful physical life, that should give us a bit of confidence.  Would Source energy really doubt Itself?  And, then the process is much the same.  We send out our desires and make every effort to line up with them, to prove to ourselves that we can create the things we want in our lives.

In “How to Allow,” I suggest that the very first thing you do to learn to Allow, is to make a pledge to yourself that feeling good, no matter what, is your top priority.  It grounds you, helps you to make decisions and always points you in the right direction.  If you’re not feeling positive emotion, it’s communication from the Universe that you’re not viewing the situation through the eyes of Source.  There’s a better way to think of it.  And, then you choose the best thoughts you can find from where you are.  Once you begin choosing better thoughts, you start attracting other better thoughts and then better circumstances.  Then you naturally have more positive things to focus upon. And, it does start getting easier and easier.

Sometimes we make way too much of lining up our vibration, almost as if it’s something unnatural or that you have to be a spiritual guru of some kind to pull it off. We need to remind ourselves that Well-Being is what’s natural.  If things aren’t going as well as we’d like, it’s only because we’ve pinched ourselves off a bit by the way we’re thinking.  We’re not Allowing the full flow of Source Energy into our lives. When we think about it as a more natural process, it’s easier to remind ourselves that we’ve been successful at lots of other things we’ve tried.  Why should lining up our energy be any different?  Remind yourself of the times when you’ve set your mind on a goal and committed to it and achieved it.  Now you’ve committed to making feeling good your top priority.  That’s not such a big deal.  And, it feels a lot better on the way to achieving your desires.

“How to Allow” gives you a simple system containing a couple of daily rituals and other tips for staying on track and making your positive vibration your top priority.  As you honor your commitment to yourself, you’ll find that you develop that all important second component of faith, faith in your ability to line up with your desires.  Faith just happens.

To listen to my radio interview on “How to Allow” and the Art of Allowing, go to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/lisa-hayes/2011/04/28/how-to-allow.


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