Nearly every discussion of the Law of Attraction and how it works is focused upon manifesting what we want in our lives. We’re focused on the prize.  Yet the creation of what we want shouldn’t be our only focus or even our predominant focus.  It’s not that we shouldn’t get excited about what we’d like to create or take inspired action when we get “nudges” from the Universe to take action lined up with our desire.

But, it’s actually our “readiness,” not the creation, that we need to focus upon.  It’s not so much about what we are doing in every moment but how we feel while we are doing it.  And, we can switch things up with less effort than we usually think.


Developing an awareness of how we are feeling, checking in with ourselves often, is the foundation for creating what we want.  If we’re not aware of how we feel and don’t make an effort to make choices that feel better, our circumstances will continue to reflect that lack of focus.  We know it and yet we still often lose ourselves in the details, things that are unimportant, the “how’s,” measuring our progress, taking score of where we are.  And, when we go in that direction we’re emitting a vibration of lack, that is, that we still don’t have what we want.  And the Universe responds, “Okay, I’m hearing that you don’t like your job, here you go here’s another job you don’t really like.”  The Universe gives us what we’re asking for with our vibration, period.


Following our highest excitement as often as possible is what keeps us on the path toward manifesting our desires.  And our highest excitement isn’t necessarily always “exciting.”  Following our highest excitement generally is about choosing from all of the thoughts or actions that are available to us at the moment.  Some thoughts and some actions feel better than others, even if we wouldn’t call them exciting.  But, when we choose the best from what’s available, we will continue to be on the path to allowing in our desires, which are already waiting for us in our vibrational escrow.  Each choice to do and think what feels best is literally part of the manifestation we want to create.  That’s how it’s done.


Our desires are a done deal.  The Universe has answered us when we have given any thought to what we want.  Our desires are only waiting for our readiness.  And, how do we demonstrate our readiness?


Abraham has talked often lately about the feeling of “satisfaction” and how choosing things that feel satisfying is always in alignment with what we want.  They suggest that we isolate what the feeling of satisfaction is.  It’s a powerful move that can make it much easier to stay on our manifestation pathway.  We don’t need to be in the highest emotional states available or hanging out in a state of joy to be contributing to manifesting what we want.

A definition of satisfied, which feels doable to me, is “pleased or content with what has been experienced or received.”  Feeling pleased or content is not exactly a tall order.  We have so many opportunities each day, in each segment of each day, to move into a feeling of satisfaction.


Satisfaction can come from the feeling of a job well done, from eating a good meal, from noticing how comfortable we are in our home, from having a conversation with a good friend.  Satisfaction can come from so many places, even from solving a problem or eliminating something from our lives that is less than what we want and deserve.


I’m not suggesting that we focus on our problems in order to solve them so that we feel satisfied.  There is a huge vibrational difference between focusing on our problems and focusing on solutions.  And the solutions feel satisfying.


You could make a decision now that for even a little while you’re going to let the feeling of satisfaction be the only thing that’s important to you.


According to Abraham, when you do this:

You’ll get it as realization after realization will come piling in.  There will be such a convergence of so many things that you care about happening in the same moment that you’ll feel like the most blessed being in the entire Universe. . . because you can barely speak about (something wanted) before it comes into your experience.


What I love about this move is that it’s easy.  We can all find some things we feel satisfied with, moments when we feel satisfaction.  Try making a list of some things that cause you to feel satisfied now.  Keep adding to the list.  Keep reading over the list to remind yourself of how many things you have in your life that cause you to feel content.  In a very short time, I would expect that you will be seeing so many more of the things you want that may have been elusive showing up in your life.  You will have shown the Universe that you are ready for your desires and engaged your magic.


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