There has been a moment in many Abraham seminars where Abraham takes the audience through the process of deliberate creation and how EASY it is.  We’re reminded that all we need to do is stop doing what we’re doing that’s preventing us from Allowing in all of the STUFF we’ve asked for that’s now being held in our vibrational escrow.  And often, whether we vocalize it or not, or whether Abraham articulates it, our response to how EASY it is to Allow our natural Well-Being is, “Well then, WHERE’S MY STUFF?”

I mean seriously, we’ve been trying to focus, trying to appreciate, creating vision boards, meditating, meeting and talking with others to bolster our intentions, scripting and doing processes which should lead to a release of our resistance, and yet we’re still wondering, “WHERE’S MY STUFF?”Boy, do I get this.  Is there anyone who  hasn’t felt this way at one time or another?  We feel worthy, deserving, like we’ve done what we know how to do to find relief, to climb the emotional scale, and yet some of our most important desires still haven’t manifested.

Well, there was a very interesting post in recent weeks, by the wise and very funny Frank Butterfield, (aka Paul, Master Channeler for the Communion of Light) where he said, “There’s a very thin line between ‘Where’s my stuff’ and ‘My stuff has to be here somewhere,’ but the vibrational difference is huge!”  And, I couldn’t agree with Frank more.  “Where’s my stuff?” reflects an element of doubt, and a lack of certainty, faith and trust in the resourcefulness of the Universe to deliver on our desires. The latter statement, “My stuff has to be here somewhere,” demonstrates that slight shift which shows a belief and expectation that the Universe has actually delivered on Step 2 of the creative process.  We’ve asked (Step 1), the Universe has created (Step 2), and now we only need to align our vibration with our desire and it will be in our hands. (Step 3)

The huge vibrational difference reflects a belief, and perhaps even a knowing, that the Universe has, in fact, delivered on its part of the bargain.  It also demonstrates a certain playfulness and less intensity, along the lines of “Hey I know it’s here somewhere and I’m going to find it (that is, line up with it).”

Abraham put it slightly differently but echoes Frank’s take on the huge vibrational difference between the two attitudes.  Abraham has said, “We’re wanting you to discover the subtle difference between saying, ‘I want it but where is it?’ in which you feel the great crevice of lack, or wanting something and saying, “This is a golden buffer of time through which it will unfold perfectly.”  Now perhaps believing in this golden buffer of time and perfect unfolding is a bit farther up the emotional scale than “my stuff has to be here somewhere,” but it has a similar vibrational tone in that it also demonstrates a belief or knowing that your desires are out there and that they are on their way, given a minor attitude adjustment or the perfect timing as orchestrated by the Universe.

This perfect timing idea, while in some ways gratifying, as we know the Universe does know the perfect timing better than we do, can also be frustrating. It’s difficult to know whether it’s a timing issue or a lack of our own vibrational alignment that’s delaying the manifestation of our desires when we want them now.

Abraham has said, “Your Inner Being is able to accurately assess all of the details of your wanting, and to intricately prioritize your subjects of desire.  Which supersedes another and so on.   You Inner Being not only considers the factors of this physical experience, but remembers the intentions you held at the time of your emergence into this body, and all of those intentions are factored into the equation for guidance.”

So there are a couple of things going on here, faith and Divine timing, but I think we can simplify our approach and help ourselves to have the best possible vibrational stance when it comes to the manifestation of our desires.  First, if we believe and have complete faith that the Universe does go to work immediately to create our desires every time we think of them, we no longer have to ask “Where’s my stuff?”  We know it’s been created and is being held for us in vibrational escrow awaiting our alignment.  That’s a huge shift in terms of vibration and a worthwhile one to make.

Secondly, what could help us to have faith that the real world manifestation of those desires is inevitable?  That’s where faith in our own ability to line up with those desires comes in, and that’s where we can doubt ourselves, even if we don’t doubt the Universe.  And, to deal with that sliver of doubt, the thing that we can do is to find a way to appreciate what we have that is similar to our desires, and to appreciate that the Universe has already created our desires, knowing that our state of appreciation is bringing in our desires in perfect timing.  We have heard from Abraham that appreciation is the closest vibrational equivalent to Source energy that they have ever witnessed. So this “perfect timing” idea, rather than being frustrating, could have the very positive effect of giving us that all-important feeling of relief.  The object I want isn’t here yet because the loving Universe is creating it in such a way that it is a perfect match to my desires.  And, because my desires are evolving, the manifestation of some of my desires is evolving to be a perfect match for the new and improved version of me.  That’s a far better feeling than it’s probably not happening because I’m not doing it right.

If you can appreciate the Universe’s constant work on your behalf, and if you can create that positive emotion a reasonable amount of the time that is a match to your desires, you can begin to view that emotion as early evidence of the perfectly timed delivery of your desires.  And, then you won’t have to wonder, “Where’s my stuff,” or even “My stuff has to be around here somewhere.”  You’ll know it’s here already and on its way to you in perfect timing.

There is one more thing, which might be helpful in relaxing more often about the delivery of your stuff.  When I can pull it off, it’s helpful to me in relaxing around the idea of my desires.  If the desires have not only been answered by the Universe but actually created already and are right here, right now, waiting for me and some perfect moment when everything comes into amazing alignment, I should realize I don’t have to work so hard at them.  They’re already done, finished, created.  They’re sitting in the room with me.  Well, the ones that can fit are sitting in the room with me. Some of mine would not fit in this room.  This room is getting crowded.  And, I’m  not just talking about the two dogs and cat that are taking up more than their share of space.  I can actually imagine my desires all around me, within inches of me, and it makes me feel like, “Hey, this is inevitable; this is imminent.  Everything I need is right here, right now.”

As Abraham would say,“I’m going to laugh my worry away.  I’m gonna catch myself in the act of not enoughness and I am going to laugh my feeling of not enoughness away. Just take these two subjects and make a decision that you’re going to laugh them away and you will be amazed at how often those two subjects will rise within you in a day, and you’ll have the option to turn downstream.  And a week from today, things that looked far distant and even impossible will be realities in your experience.  That’s how ready to POP your vibrational escrow is.  That’s how ready it is.”

So now we can add a third way of thinking to “Where’s my stuff?” and “My stuff has to be here somewhere,” that is, “My stuff is so ready to POP, I’m going to relax and enjoy the miracle of watching my stuff showing up  and knowing that it was me who created it all.”

I’d love to hear about your take on “Where’s my stuff?” and any other ideas for Allowing it all in.  Then we may need to work on finding a place to keep all of our stuff!


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