Wouldn’t it feel better to know that a setback, a disappointment, actually means that something bigger and better is on its way?


Embracing that belief will not only cause you to be happier but will also allow that apparent obstacle to move right off of your path.


Wait, how could that happen?


If you understand the Law of Attraction and how energy works, it’s easy to see how your initial disappointment is actually a catalyst for the change you’re seeking.


A very quick Law of Attraction tutorial so that this all makes complete sense:


Your mood,  your vibration, creates the energy you are putting out into the world.


When you feel disappointed or that you’d like to change something in your life, that energy also registers with the Universe, the Infinite Intelligence that co-creates our reality.


That feeling of disappointment, that things could be better, is responded to by the Universe.  You’ve asked for something bigger and better.  The energy of the Universe immediately begins to create that “better” situation for you.


The better situation is now waiting for you to shift into the “better energy” that is a match to what has already been created on your behalf.


When you move into that mood, that vibration of optimism or positive expectation, you are lined up energetically with the change you want and you allow it into your life.



So, that feeling of disappointment that you are feeling is actually the impetus for the new and improved situation.  In other words, if you had just been moving along in the mood of “meh,” versus “this is so freaking disappointing, I want something SO MUCH BETTER,” that new and much better situation would never have been created for you.


Your job, your only job, when you feel that disappointment, is to not get freaked out, sad, or fall into complete discouragement.  If you can even slightly appreciate the disappointment, knowing it’s moving energy through you and creating just what you want, the change that you want will come quickly.


How fast it comes to you also depends upon not taking score of the situation too soon or too often, while you’re busy lining up your energy with your desire.  The improved outcome will happen naturally and quickly if you get yourself into that mood of appreciation and positive expectation that’s a match to your desire.


If this feels counter-intuitive or just impossible,  you need to remind yourself of the times when it looked like things were NOT working out and then something SO MUCH BETTER happened.


In retrospect, it was the feeling of disappointment, that this situation could be so much better, that created that more intense energy that resulted in things being even better than you had initially envisioned.


So, the next time you feel a bit discouraged, disappointed, or that your situation could stand some improvement, shift your perspective. Acknowledge that you just created “bigger and better” if you can hold onto that optimism and expectation that something good is on its way to you.  And, now it’s coming in fast.


If you’re having a little trouble moving out of that disappointed mood, my suggestion is that you make a list of the things you like to do, things in your life that feel good, things that have worked out for you in the past.

You could also distract yourself from the “disappointing” situation by doing things that feel good to you.  Decide to ignore the thing that has had you rattled, even briefly.


That shift of focus will result in a paradigm shift leading to a whole bunch of the good stuff flowing right into your experience.


So, disappointment doesn’t need to be disappointing any longer. Commit to reminding yourself that you’ve just created bigger and better and it’s on its way to you.  And, it’s on its way to you quickly if you can just hold that thought!




If this has been valuable to you, I’m available to offer additional support to shift your mindset so that your thoughts are working “for” you, not against you.



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