“It’s all so easy now.” Frank Butterfield posted that sentiment from the Communion of Light a couple of weeks ago.  My immediate gut reaction, just for a split second, was “I wonder how many people would see it that way?”  Then I went on to read, “What we love so much about this statement is that it’s always becoming true.  No matter where you’ve been in the past, things are always getting better and it’s always becoming easier.”

I thought about that for a moment and recognized that it is true.  Since I’ve learned how to better manage my vibration, lots of things are getting easier.  I am almost surprised sometimes at how nice total strangers are to me, how helpful.  I can perceive a problem and receive a phone call within an hour that solves the problem.  I can think, “ummm, I’d really like that” (without communicating it to anyone) and have it show up at my door that evening.  I’d like to say that every moment of my life plays out that way, but that wouldn’t be true.  But it is getting easier.

And, what floored me in Frank’s message from the Communion of Light is that “in order to see this, all you need to do is stop for a moment and ask to see it this way. . . When you ask to see how much easier it is and how much more delicious it’s all becoming, you are asking questions that the Law of Attraction can easily answer for you since it is so much easier to become a vibrational match to the joy of your life than it is to the contracted energy that you try to justify. . . Your physical reality is always on the verge of demonstrating this to you.  All you have to do is ask.  It’s all so easy now.”

Aha!  That passage was one of the most important things I’ve ready in a very long time and I read nearly everything I can about the Law of Attraction and Allowing.  When you ask the Universe to show you that it’s all so easy and that it’s becoming easier, the Universe easily lines up the resources to demonstrate just what you’ve asked for.  And, your request has no constraints attached to it.  It’s easy all the way around!

I’ve practiced this since reading this passage, and ease has been demonstrated to me more and more often than ever before.

Let me know if this works for you.  Is it easy?

This passage can be found at http://communionoflight.com/its-all-so-easy-now/

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