We all want to feel better. Even if we feel pretty good, it would be nice to feel even better.  Then there are those times where we feel like, “Meh, I’m just not feeling it.  I’d like to feel better.  This does not feel exciting in any respect.  I want my life to be good!”  There are other times when we feel worse than the “Meh, just not feeling it,” and that can require some different strategies.



What I feel the strong NEED to share is for those times when you’re feeling like you need to make some changes, you’re feeling blah, you don’t know what to do next.  You know life should be better than “blah.”  It’s not horrendous.  You just want to feel better now.  Maybe there are some bigger changes that could be made but, for now, you just want to feel like you’ve got a handle on your life and that things will continue to get better.


The really good thing about what I’m going to propose to feel better can lead you to not only raise your vibration and feel better in this moment but also lead you to attract more of those good things that result in both fewer “meh” moments and far fewer of the “when will this shitshow end?” moments.  You just won’t find yourself there as often.


I was in that “meh” zone earlier today.  I was looking for an explanation.  I don’t like feeling “meh.”  It’s not me. And, I know that going from blah to “this is awesome” is the key to creating the components of a happy life. This doesn’t mean that we will feel awesome in every moment and that we will not have any contrast in our lives. It just makes our default setting MUCH BETTER and creates more of those happy moments that we intended to create in this life.  It leads to more happiness by default.


When I was feeling that blah, meh feeling earlier and started ruminating about our country’s current political climate, the impending thunderstorms that were going to cause my dog to be uncomfortable, blah, blah, blah—I thought of a good question.


It was a very simple and good question and I already feel MUCH better.  Interestingly, although I know by now that this is just the way things work, as my vibe has lifted, I’m finding that the little things that are occurring in this day are good, all good.  Even my dog is enduring the thunderstorms very well with his new “thunder-shirt” and the good music I am playing to drown out the thunder.  White noise works too but the music is one of those things that helps me to move out of blah and into “I’m really lucky.  I have so many things to be thankful for.

The simple question I asked myself was “What would feel better now?”  Brilliant right?  Mind-blowing right?  I wasn’t asking about complete life transformation but just what could be better right now?  I realized that there were some things going on that were not earth shattering or life changing but that every time I thought about them my vibe went down a tick. And, not all of the things that occurred to me could be resolved immediately.  But, that doesn’t mean I couldn’t acknowledge them and PLAN TO TAKE ACTION on them at the right moment.  That act alone created a feeling of relief.


I should mention that before I created this list “It Would Feel Better to . . .” I used my Daily Tool from How to Allow to put myself into a better place in terms of expecting all of these nagging things to work out and reminding myself of all of the good things that have been going on. That created the foundation for my new momentum.  It always works.  Hmm, I should do that more often.  


And then the list of “It Would Feel Better to . . . .” just happened and it was easy and, kind of surprisingly, none of the things on the list, even the bigger things, felt like such a big deal.  It was more of a feeling like “Life is meant to be enjoyed and these things could be improved.  Don’t just put up with what isn’t working or isn’t good.” 


So, for the things that could be handled now, or started now, I took some immediate action.  There was a minor snafu involving an improper charge on my credit card, which hadn’t been corrected despite a promise from the vendor.  Every time I checked my bank account and saw that charge it was a “grrrr” moment.  Why allow the grrrrr to continue?  Seriously? I called them and it’s all good now. Everything is being refunded, as it should have been.  I didn’t feel like making the call but I decided to call and be very upbeat with the customer service person and expect that, of course, they would do the right thing. And, they did.  And, the customer service person was super kind and it was easy.


Some of the things were as simple as sending a text to someone that I wanted to check on but hadn’t and felt badly that I hadn’t, writing an uplifting note to someone that I had been meaning to write, checking on my dog’s vaccines so it would no longer be a worry, catching up with my client files, all easy and simple.  The ironing that is diminishing the number of wearable clothes I have now, hmmm, not yet, but I decided I’m going to iron two things.  Then, on another day, I’ll iron two more.  It’s on it’s way to being done, a totally different feeling than, “Ugh, I really need to do ALL OF THAT IRONING, IT’S RIDICULOUS HOW MUCH HAS PILED UP.”


Thinking about what would feel better and taking some inspired action to have a plan for when you’re going to make the change, taking care of just one step, or even acknowledging by writing it down that it’s something you DO PLAN TO DO, creates a feeling of having a handle on your life, knowing that you are productive, you are making progress.  And, that vibe is sooooo much better than blah.  Those things that you’ve been meaning to improve are lurking in the back of your head, messing with your vibe and dealing with them just feels better.


It’s funny how taking just a few small steps, even just coming up with a plan, in writing, so you’re taking yourself seriously, results in the Universe supporting you so that those things are much easier to handle than you had anticipated.  Then the fact that they are handled creates more good feelings and more good things start to rush in.  And, then you find yourself appreciating yourself and feeling optimistic that you can make any changes, big or small, that you decide and expect to make.


It’s very cool that the Law of Attraction and our Universe works this way.  We just need to give it a little cooperation, even just a little, and we’re on our way.


If you’d like to brainstorm on how you might take some small and large steps that end up transforming your life, I’d be happy to help with that.  I spend lots of time coming up with transformative ideas, especially when I’m not fretting about ironing.  You can reach me at susan@howtoallow.net.






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