When we’re feeling stuck in place and wondering why we can’t manifest what we want or why it’s taking so long, it’s easy to get discouraged.  We want what we want and it can appear that there is no clear path to our desire.


Generally, when we find ourselves in this position, our inclination is to think we must be doing something wrong, that we need to try harder, work harder.


Yet, that way of thinking usually leads to remaining stuck where we are and not feeling very good in the process.


Because our thoughts are creating our reality, continuing to think that we’re missing something, that we aren’t very good at being conscious creators, will only lead to more circumstances that reinforce what we’ve been telling ourselves about ourselves.


That type of thinking is what got us to where we are in the first place, this present moment where we feel immobilized.  It can feel like we can’t get there from here.  Yet, having what we want into our lives can be much easier than we’ve been allowing it to be.


We don’t have to go back to ground zero before we became aware of how our energy works or make up for years of sloppy thinking to begin allowing what we want into our lives.  Things can happen more quickly and with less effort than we’ve been assuming.


If we can fully believe that the Universe has already responded to all of our requests, and it has, we are on the path to allowing in our desires.  If we can know that what we want has already manifested and maintain our focus upon that fact, rather than looking at our current reality, we are on the fast track to allowing in our desires.


These two mindset shifts, more than any actions we could take, are what will begin to give us evidence that our desire is DONE, that it’s on its way into our lives, and that it need not take a particularly long time.


We could decide that it’s going to take at least 6 months, or a month, or two weeks, for our desire to show up in our reality or we could decide that there is no reason, in our Universe where time is actually irrelevant, that our desire can’t manifest quickly.  It could happen this week, in the next few hours or even right now.


Our entire job is to embrace the fact that our desire is already DONE and then focus upon the feeling of having that desire rather than the lack of our desire, which generally gets our focus.  Each time a thought regarding our desire comes up, we need to gently turn in the direction of knowing it is DONE and briefly imagine the feeling of having that reality.  And, we need to maintain that focus rather than slowing things down by focusing upon the fact that we don’t see our desire yet.


After doing just that, consistently, even for a very short period, we will have changed our energy field and the desire is on its way.  There will be signs, evidence, subtle changes in the things that are happening around us.  Details related to our desire will begin to line up and line up easily rather than through struggle.


Once we have set off down the fast track to our desires, by knowing that they are already DONE and also focusing upon the incredible feeling of having them in our lives now, we have set powerful forces in motion that cannot be stopped, unless we begin to doubt ourselves or the Universe or focus more on the lack of our desire than the fact that it’s on its way.


So, focus upon that desire that makes your heart sing, the fact that the Universe is working on your behalf in every moment and decide not to give air time to doubt or fear or impatience.


When you do just that you are on the manifestation fast track and the evidence will wow and amaze you.


If you’d like some help with getting on the manifesting fast track you can find me at www.howtoallow.net










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