If you are Law of Attraction-savvy, you know that you create your entire reality with the thoughts you think.  It’s all you.  And, you may get frustrated with yourself when you find yourself thinking a thought that isn’t compatible with what you want in your life.  You’re not alone; it’s not a small exclusive club.

And, being aware that you are creating your reality completely, you also know that getting frustrated with yourself is taking you in the wrong direction, that is, away from the vibration that matches your desires.

Yet, there are several aspects of your self-sabotaging thoughts that can be used to your advantage.  And, using your awareness of your negative thoughts as an opportunity feels much better than beating yourself up for sloppy thinking.

First, you can’t change where you are vibrating without being aware of where you are vibrating.  That awareness is always the first step to getting lined up with your desires.

The negative thought that you find yourself thinking can be just a single thought.  It could be something you’ve thought for the first time.  Or it can be a repetitive thought, even obsessive, as you find yourself caught in a loop with that thought leading the way.  If it’s a negative thought you’ve had often, as in, a “go-to” thought that comes up every time you encounter certain situations, it may actually be a belief you hold about what is possible for you.

Whether it’s a one-time negative thought in an unusual situation, an obsessive loop that is hard to turn off, or a belief that you have held for a very long time, it can be an opportunity for expansion and positive change in your life.

It’s so much more helpful to think of any of these negative thoughts as clues to your vibration.    And, acknowledging your vibration is the only way to release the negative belief or pattern from your repertoire.  Awareness is on the path to flipping that thought to something that feels better and is actually true for you.

When you notice yourself thinking a negative thought that will not lead you to becoming a vibrational match to what you want in your life, you have an opportunity to question it, to ask how that thought makes you feel, and to release it and replace it.

If you hadn’t had the negative thought and noticed it, you could still be carrying it around as part of your default vibration, where you find yourself regularly.  The goal, as always, is to raise your default vibration and to feel better in the process.

If the negative thought has popped up often, a good approach is to ask yourself “What would I have to believe to be having this thought?”  It’s usually pretty obvious.  And, not pretty.  But, it can be difficult to know you are carrying around a belief that is counter-productive unless you have that awareness of the negative thought you are thinking.

I actually had a perfect demonstration of this phenomenon recently with a coaching client.  It was a particularly good example because it allowed her to identify a knee-jerk response that no longer really reflected how she sees herself.

She had experienced a number of really good developments in her work situation.  She was in a particularly nice position and she had been acknowledged by her bosses.  And, her firm was expanding.  She mentioned that she did feel a little anxious, briefly, about how her situation might go south as a result of new people her firm was hiring, that they had actually asked her to interview!  Could she somehow move down in the hierarchy?  Wait, what?  We both appreciated the humor and clarity that her negative thought produced.  There wasn’t a single reason for her to go to that negative possible outcome.  Not one.  And, it was a great thing to realize as it reflected a pattern of reacting to even positive developments.  She hadn’t dwelled there but it was her “go-to” thought.  And, now that she’s acknowledged that, it will no longer be a “go-to” thought.

We all have the same opportunity often.  It’s comforting to know that even our negative thoughts can lead to something better.  We can actually be making great progress in manifesting just what we want in our lives even when we are having some negative and unhelpful thoughts.  And, when we can appreciate that fact, we are adding even more momentum to creating the changes that are ready to show up in our lives.  Those changes are only a vibration away!


If you’d like some support in the form of an outside perspective on raising your vibration and creating what you want in your life, you can reach me at susan@howtoallow.net.

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