I am loving the LOA Results Group and the incredible love and energy that everyone brings to the table.  So many are excited about an experiment of supporting each other in manifesting our dreams over the next 100 days.  So, of course, I’m in!  This is what I do and think about every day.  Maybe, with permission, some aspects of this will make it into my next book.

But, for now, my goal is to sell a set number of books (fairly ambitious but believable) over the next 100 days by being excited about the inevitable outcome and not “waiting” impatiently, wondering if it really can happen.  “How to Allow” has brought great results to so many already and I am ready to send it out to more and more people who are seeking this kind of easy-does-it roadmap to Allowing in your Well-Being.

So, my first inspiration, helped by others in the group, is to offer the “How to Allow” book and course from my site for a huge discount to members of all of the Abe, LOA groups.  Rather than $29, it will be $19 and the coupon code will be LOVE.  In addition, I will also offer the audio book for free, nada, zip (which usually runs $8.99).  The coupon code will be LOVE AUDIO. I apologize to those of you who have already bought both items at the usual price but I know from the e-mails I’ve received that you’ve benefitted far more than the reasonable costs of the book and audio.  My goal has always been to give more value than I am receiving in return.

And, I think that has been a given.  If you haven’t already, check out the site at howtoallow.net and look at the testimonials.  I will continue to add more as I have quite a few which haven’t been put on the site yet.

So, this will continue for 100 days, as the group dynamics bring us all so much connection, support, and the infinite resources of the Universe.

Any questions or for counseling, contact me at susan@howtoallow.net.




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