This is one of those subtle, but powerful, attitude adjustments that we all need to make if we aren’t having the experience of financial abundance that we want.  Sometimes we are placing conditions on our money.


We may think we will take it in any form but our underlying thoughts and expectations are that money can only come in through a particular door.  And, that’s just LIMITING, really.


Often we’re expecting our money to come from our paycheck, our sales or clients.  And, that’s a reasonable expectation.  But we don’t want to limit ourselves by thinking it’s the ONLY way that money can flow into our lives.


By thinking about our flow of cash in that way, we’re limiting the other, and possibly better, ways money can flow into our lives.  We’re limiting the other abundance that can flow into our lives in the way of ideas and opportunities.  We’re limiting the avalanche of other things that could come into our lives and increase the amount of cash we have in our bank accounts.  Cash is only one form of abundance and other forms of abundance are tied to more cash dollars.  


Sometimes we are thinking that money can only come from our “boss.” If we’re focusing all of our energy on trying to please one person in our office we’re missing out on other opportunities.  Sometimes we are thinking that our money can only come from our husband, wife or other family members.  Again, we’re cutting ourselves off from the flow of other opportunities, ideas and gifts from the Universe.


There are other doors that we think are the only means for money to come to us such as retirement benefits, an inheritance, some kind of loan.  We could also be thinking that when my “deal” happens, I’ll have my financial abundance, my money.  Yet the deal hasn’t happened for a very long time and we’re WAITING for the deal.  There are blinders on when it comes to other means of creating abundance.


I just have to add a final blow to our limiting beliefs about the way dollars can come into our lives.  Some people have the sincere belief that they can only have a substantial amount of money if they win the lottery.  There’s nothing wrong with playing the lottery.  People occasionally win.  The odds are against it, but it can be fun; if you enjoy the process of imagining having lots of the money that would change your life, it’s not bad.  The subtle block to abundance when focusing upon the lottery, however, is that we may be thinking that it’s the ONLY WAY to have a sizable sum of money.  And, we are placing more restrictions on our abundance by thinking that a sizable sum of money has to come ALL AT ONCE Who said that?  Is that true?  Nope.  Couldn’t there be an inflow of a small amount of money, followed by another chunk of unexpected money, followed by a rather substantial amount of money, followed by more and more from various sources?


It would be good right now to think of the door that you might be thinking that your money must come through.  What we expect is what we get.  Our beliefs can block our manifestations but our beliefs can be changed.  What if you started thinking that money is only energy, it’s for enjoying life and it can be created like anything else?  It can be easy.


When you notice yourself focused upon the one door that you think is the only way your money can come to you, remind yourself that it’s not actually true.  Start reminding yourself that money is only energy.  In the same way you manifested your lunch today, by intending and expecting to have it, you can manifest the funds you want.


You might enjoy an earlier blog post, “What If Money Were Easy for You?” at  For now, how about just letting go of the ideas that money and the ways that the Universe can support you with money are limited.  Start having fun thinking about “FUNDS,” the ways you would enjoy having funds in your life.  By making those two adjustments you are creating momentum, without resistance, for allowing in all of the forms of prosperity that you need to live your life.  You were meant to live an abundant life and the Universe would love nothing more than to support you in having it.


Please get in touch if you’d like to make some attitude adjustments about financial abundance or any other form of abundance. Most people find that they have some money blocks.  Let’s make sure all “doors” are open for receiving your abundance!


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