I’ve written about the importance of your inner game when it comes to money, realizing that money is just energy, like everything else.  Money/cash is not actually a huge, difficult, mysterious thing, unless we think it is.  In the same way that you expect to step out of bed and put your foot on the floor and it happens, you can expect and intend for money to flow into your life and it can.   If you missed this post, check it out at https://howtoallow.net/what-if-money-was-easy-for-you/.


More recently, I suggested that we sometimes also limit our ability to receive the money that is already created and waiting for us by insisting (as a result of limiting beliefs) that our money has to come through a certain door.  When we do that the other doors that are fully available are closed, as in, shut tight.  You can check that out at https://howtoallow.net/what-door-is-your-money-coming-through/.


The biggest issue for most people is that they can almost believe that money is just energy and money could be easy but they can’t get around thinking about just how it could actually happen?  We generally only think of the limited ways we are used to receiving money and when it comes to receiving lots of money, we think it has to come all at once through something that has huge odds against it such as winning the lottery. That way of thinking closes us off from the impulses, ideas, and inspired actions that actually could lead to the financial abundance that the Universe has waiting for us.


 Two of my coaching clients recently had very cool experiences when it comes to abundance. I hope these quick examples shake up your inner game!  These clients didn’t ask for these experiences, specifically.  We worked on their vibrations, expecting good things, expecting abundance, in general.  And, they were really, really happy about their amazing manifestations and happy for me to share their stories, anonymously, of course.


My coaching client, Michael, had the opportunity, long awaited, to buy a one-bedroom condo that was a significant upgrade from his apartment:  hardwood floors, lovely bathroom tile, fireplace, and even a gym.  He signed the contract and was happily packing (well he complained a little about the packing) for his big move.  A couple of months before the move he learned that the person whose condo he was purchasing had decided not to move.  Fortunately, the management company got to work to find him another one-bedroom condo that was a perfect substitute.  Then, in the week before his now imminent move he was notified that the person in the new substituted condo had also decided not to move at the eleventh hour.  What?  How could that happen, twice?


In what seemed to be a setback, a WTH moment, Michael was informed by the management company that they had found him another condo that would be available on his moving date, not the one-bedroom condo he was paying for but a two-bedroom condo.  I should mention that Michael actually wanted a two-bedroom condo so that he could have a home office but the one-bedroom condo was his maximum budget.


I hope you see what’s coming here—when the condo he was to move into became unavailable they transferred his contract to the two-bedroom condo for the SAME PRICE.  I’m guessing that it’s not lost to anyone that he not only got what he really, really wanted, a huge home office, but that he literally made a large chunk of money on the transaction.  A two-bedroom condo is worth considerably more than a one-bedroom condo and Michael just smoothly received that gift from the Universe.  Nice, huh?  Unexpected, huh?  That was an inflow of money, abundance, and it didn’t come in one of the standard ways.


Another coaching client in the same week (is there something in the air here?) learned that a friend helped to put her into the NYC housing lottery.  My client, Amy, had wanted to have her own apartment in NYC for a very long time. She had been living with roommates for years and was ready for a change.  She didn’t ask for a spot in the housing lottery and so she didn’t have any limiting beliefs about not qualifying or not being lucky. It hadn’t even been on her radar.  


She got an amazing apartment in the housing lottery.  It’s beautiful, with a new kitchen,  stainless steel appliances, lots of storage and hardwood floors.  And, it’s significantly less that the rent she is currently spending to live with roommates in an older apartment.  It’s also rent-controlled.  The rent will never increase more than a modest amount for years and years, should she decided to live there for years and years.  Her monthly expenses just dropped significantly and she received an amazing inflow of abundance in the form of a perfect apartment.  She now has more dollars in her bank account every month.  And, they came in an unexpected way.


She’s very, very happy and excited.  And, she knows that this happened because she’s been working on her vibe for a while now, working on expecting good things to happen.  She’s been taking what I call a “light touch” to manifesting, that is, putting it out there and then just expecting it to happen, without attaching lots of conditions such as time frames and having the desire happen in a certain way.  And, for my client, Michael, same situation.  He’s been raising his vibe, appreciating the things in his life that are working.  We have laughed our way through most of our coaching calls, finding the sometimes hidden benefit in every situation.  


So, there’s an important lesson here.  We need to open up our thinking when it comes to our desires.  We need to place fewer constraints on how they need to manifest. We need to be open to the magic that the Universe has in store for us.  These apparent miracles happened because these lovely people made their vibrations their top priority. They intended and expected good things and they got them.   


PS:  In a way that would only happen in this zone of appreciation and good vibes, another client just texted me (as I’m writing this post) that she is trying to lock down a NYC apartment that actually has a better view than the one that did not work out for her last week; she’s waiting for approval right now.  Of course, I’m expecting another win here.  Something is definitely in the air and it’s very good energy.  



I hope this post helped you to consider thinking about your desires and abundance, in particular, in a different way.  It can come in more forms than we can imagine and we don’t want to limit the possibilities!

If you’d like some help with opening up to all of the good things that life has to offer you, to know you have more options than you thought, I’m here to help. This is my niche.  It’s always an inside job and real magic can happen for all of us. It’s the way we were meant to live.   http://www.howtoallow.net/coaching.




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