While asking “Now What?” might, at first blush, seem to suggest some dissatisfaction with our current situation, I was so convinced and inspired by a recent A-H seminar recording that said that asking, “Now What, Universe?,” is “perhaps the best focusing question that any of you could ask yourself at any moment in time.”  It was explained that Now is where your power is, the juncture of where you and You meet.  Right now is when we decide to go with our positive momentum or hold ourselves back with a focus on what’s going wrong in our lives.  “’Now What’?” will be the Grid-filling experience in response to what I’ve established now.”    The point was made, very powerfully, that we will continue to get answers that aren’t exactly what we were hoping for, until we show ourselves that we have control over “Now What?,” because we have control over our response to that question.  We have the ability “to step back from it, to get closer, to talk about it and keep it going or not talk about it and slow it down, to think about it or not think about it and slow it down  .   .    .   We have the ability to increase the momentum or slow the momentum.  It is the answer to this question which leads us to know what we are doing vibrationallly and how the Universe is responding to what we are doing.  And what we are doing, Abraham describes as a “vibrational feeling.”

Stopping in the middle of our thoughts or actions and taking a look at where we are and asking “Now What Universe?,” could be that perfect pause that allows us to line up with the things we’re asking for by re-focusing in the direction of our dreams, or we could choose to slow down our perfect creations by continuing to focus on what’s got us tied up in knots and  keep more of that momentum going.

I have to admit that I listened to this seminar recording several times because it contained not only that helpful approach to alignment but a simple guide to setting up your Grid for the day and the kind of help you could expect if you made that a priority.  And, there’s nothing I like more than thinking about all of the help that we’re getting all of the time and that there is an unseen cast of experts helping us to get everything we want.  It is just so reassuring and leads me right into that state of Appreciation which is our highest and best vibration.  It’s where we are when we’re lined up with all of the things we want to create in our lives.

There was just so much inspiring dialogue about setting up our Grid, that it bears repeating, paraphrased, as it was quite a long and inspiring rampage.  It was suggested, actually promised,  that once we get the hang of this “Now What?” approach, no matter what we’ve lived in the past, our now and our future will be more delicious than even our best past experiences.  That really got my attention. And, I think it will get lots of people’s attention when we’ve been so conditioned to focus on deterioration and decline as life moves forward.  So, the question is, “Now What, Universe” are you going to surprise me with in terms of timing and details that are a match to the preparation I’ve made?”

And, what is our preparation?  We could sit down in the morning and fill in our chosen number of spots on our Grid (10, 15, 20?) with an emotional word and what we want to feel with that word.  We could write “ease” and then feel what that means to us, “kind” and feel what it means to us, “fun, love, sure” and what they all mean, how they feel.  How about “clear,” “full,” “vitality,” “exhilaration,” “happy”?  They are general enough words that as we write them they can be vibrational triggers that bump up our vibration without creating any resistance.  And that’s the goal here!

And by doing so, as Abe would say, we are sending out this message:  “Universe, I’m giving you my awareness, a Grid that must fill in with details that are a vibration the same as that.  So I expect fun today, and I expect to be kind and to find kind, and I expect to feel love and to receive love, to be clear and to be with those who are . . . . . . I expect manifestation in kind to the Grid work I’ve accomplished because I understand that like water flows downhill, there is a law and a momentum, and tomorrow I will write it again and tomorrow I will fill in the details with my memory of what happened  today that matched those things.  I will use every excuse in the world to shore up my vibration of love, fun, kind, and well being.  .  .  . I will take notice with every detail, every specific detail that will flow into my experience today.  And I will be going ‘Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes!’ as I watch the Universe support me in its awareness of me, in its love of me, as I revel in the goodness of me, of the rightness of me, of the good timing of me, of the well-being of me.  I’m going to move through life radiating this signal that makes people see me!  They don’t know why they’re seeing me . . . but they’re thinking, ‘I want some of that.’”

So, this is a simple way to prepare our Grid, not that unlike the first Daily Tool in my e-book “How to Allow,” but I always appreciate a fresh approach and varying my routine a bit.  And, I know that particular Daily Tool works and I can appreciate how well this preparation of our Grid can work in much the same way.

What I so loved about this entire dialogue, in addition to the idea that asking “Now What?” will lead us to better and better experiences than we’ve had in our past, is that the Universe is only too delighted to respond to the question by matching the vibration we’ve created by working on our Grid.  And, that we have “a concierge in the sky that knows who we are and what we want and where everything we want is and where we stand in relationship to everything we want.  We have those who know with precision what the next logical step is for us and will guide us to the thought that will allow it. . . . . .  Abraham could not have put it better when they said ‘You gotta know somebody knows where what you want is and the logical path to lead you to it but you gotta help.’  You gotta chill out, like yourself more, be kinder to yourself and others, laugh more, and play more, make less work of things, lighten up, get outside more and breathe more deeply and, well, you know the rest.

So, let’s just make it easy, simple. Let’s take a few moments each day and write down some words, which evoke great feelings for us and then ask the Universe, okay, “What’s Next?”  And, then, the most important part of this entire process is to expect the answer and know it’s going to be good.  If you’ve done that work and you’re expecting the best, it’s a done deal.  It’s just the way the laws work.

Wishing all of you perfect rendezvous with the thoughts, ideas, and people and everything that is necessary to fill in your experiences with your fondest desires.  It’s what you deserve; it’s what you’re here for.

Sending you love and blessings,



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